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  • «Base of Electronics», LLC was incorporated in 1997. At present, it is the parent Company of the namesake holding as well as its largest element.

    Geographically, the company is located in nine major Russian cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh. The Company’s primary business does not confine itself to the supply of electronics, its components, instruments, materials and spare parts only.

    The Company also offers various related products, such as tools, chemicals and consumables, gas equipment, cables, automotive electronics, light signaling equipment, navigational and industrial equipment, as well as other commodities for virtually all sorts of businesses, organizations and individuals.

    Throughout the 12 years of its work, the Company has acquired a reliable business reputation. It has well established itself on the market and set up contacts with a vast number of partners in Russia and abroad.

  • Today the «Base of Electronics» as an individual organization is one of the top ten major electronics suppliers in terms of its range of supplies, as well as the clientele size and geography. It is undoubtedly a leader on the Central Black Soil regional market.

    The Company’s most distinctive quality is the PACKAGE supply of a broad range of electronics within a short time using state-of-the-art techniques. A highly efficient process assures the processing of more than 2.000 orders per month. Moreover, the client can meet their needs without turning to hordes of suppliers, often operating from different parts of the world.

    The supply lines comprise more than 500.000 domestic and imported components and commodities in 24 sections. The Company publishes about 10 yearly catalogs with the total run of more than 10.000 copies to further distribute them among the potential clients all over Russia free of charge.

    An important feature is the use of up-to-date IT-solutions, unique marketing methodologies, powerful promotion campaigns, discount and bonus systems, emissions of plastic cards for the regular customers, well-adjusted logistics, and high responsive order processing.

  • Amongst other companies of the holding, «Base of Electronics» has the best infrastructure. Thus, the Company has a Technical Department and a Legal Department, an IT-Division, Security Service, a Call-center, and a Financial Department that simultaneously help and support the respective services in other holding companies, which consolidates business and generally facilitates its development.

    The Company employs well experienced, highly-qualified professionals. Many such specialists are passionate amateur radio fans, which helps them better understand the radio electronics market. The Company’s envoys often partake in national and international HF and VHF radio contests, hamfests, and enthusiastically support many child care centers and infant schools.

    Today, the Company’s primary strategies are regional expansion, enlargement of Internet sales technologies, development of a new strong search-and-sell engine, formation of a dealer institution, as well as foreign trade, such as cooperation with foreign associates for marketing new commodity lines in Russia.



Branches and stocks:
Marksistskaya, 3
+7 (495) 665-01-01
Bolshoy prospect, PS, 100
+7 (812) 337-25-52
Lizyukova, 2
+7 (4732) 21-00-00
Odesskaya, 41
+7 (861) 265-88-88
S.Chekalina, 50
+7 (8442) 99-09-90
Mira, 20
(3532) 40-00-10
+7 (3912) 75-88-88
+7 (351) 729-97-45