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  • The «Base of Electronics» Group was incorporated in December, 1997. Also, a parent company of the same name was founded at that time. Today, the Group encompasses 4 structural divisions joined together by common business, the supply and distribution of electronics.

    The members of the Group are:

    • «Base of Electronics», LLC
    • «Delta Electronics», JSC
    • «Kontest», JSC
    • «Radio-Hit», LLC

    Geographically, the Group is located in 12 different offices in 11 major Russian cities covering a substantial part of the country’s territory (see the map below). The overall staff numbers nearly 100 employees.

  • The client base boasts more than 80.000 customers in ALL parts of Russia, as well as in some ex - USSR countries and non - CIS states.

    The development of a retail network and special services for retailers promotes growth of the client base among individuals who currently constitute more than 10.000 customers of the Group.

    All Group’s divisions are unified by an integrated information space and a powerful ERP-system, which facilitate fast data exchange, current operations monitoring, past operations analysis, current business process control to boost operational efficiency of the Group. All Companies within the Holding use the latest techniques based on firmware solutions and a well-developed IT-structure.

  • The Group is generally managed by the Board of Directors headed by the President Eugene Danielyan (RW3QC, 5B4AII, NN3AA). Each Company is managed by a Directorate of two directors. One is responsible exclusively for commerce (Commercial Director), whilst the other is in charge of administration (General Director).

    Some top managers and employees are long time amateur radio fans, which helps them better understand many trends in radio electronics and build more efficient business.

    The Group combines forces with basically all Russian and CIS electronic component and electronics manufacturers, major global electronic brand distributors, and other suppliers, the total number of which exceeds 1,500 businesses and organizations.

    The Group has established good liaisons with European and US partners. This makes possible the supply of even the rarest, hard-to-get and out-of-production components. An efficient logistical system often delivers goods much faster than other competitors, regardless of whether such goods are shipped from abroad or to Russian and CIS regions.

  • The Companies of the Holding never miss a chance to participate in federal and/or local exhibitions and seminars dedicated to electronics.

    It will not be gross exaggeration to say that the «Base of Electronics» Group is quite unique amongst similar organizations on the electronics market in terms of geographical coverage, clientele, range of products, and technologies. There is hardly another such business in the Russian Federation.

    The primary competitive gains of the Holding are:
    • the range of supplies – about 1.000.000 commodities in 30 sections
    • the package turnkey supplies making it possible for the clients to turn to a single partner for meeting their needs
    • geographical coverage: all parts of Russia and CIS
    • general site traffic – more than 5000 unique visitors per day
    • fast and efficient marketing in Russia
    • powerful technical support.

    The Group’s nearest plans are:
    • the expansion of supply lines (in radio electronics business)
    • integration of new structures, namely, an IT company
    • regional expansion – establishing terminals and sales offices in Russian regions, including retail chains
    • foreign trade – establishing the Group’s offices in Ukraine and the USA (New-York City)
    • cooperation with new European, Chinese and US partners to introduce new supply lines and market imported commodities in Russia
    • electronics manufacturing.

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Даниэльян Е.Э.
Eugene Danielyan
The President of the Group
Самохин Д.Л.
Denis Samokhin
CEO, «Base of Electronics», LLC
Попов С.А.
Sergey Popov
CFO, «Base of Electronics», LLC
Самохина Н.И.
Nadezhda Samokhina
General manager,
«Delta Electronics», JSC
Гжимайло К.Я.
Kirill Gzhimaylo
Commercial director,
«Delta Electronics», JSC
Ткаченко Е.И.
Ekaterina Tkachenko
General manager, «Kontest», JSC
Донских М.С.
Maxim Donskikh
Commercial director,
«Kontest», JSC
Кайсин В.В.
Victor Kaysin
CEO, «Radio-Hit», LLC