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  • «Kontest», JSC is the second oldest Company in the Holding. It was incorporated in Moscow in 2002. Currently, the Company’s offices and warehouses are located in two cities, Moscow and Voronezh.

    The Company’s primary business is package supply of power electronics, low-voltage equipment, light-signaling equipment, switching devices and instruments, both from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

    The principal Company’s clients are major enterprises from metallurgy, chemical, light, woodworking industries; shipbuilding, defense, aerospace, engineering, electric power, transport, oil and gas, telecommunication businesses; communication companies; science and medical organizations in Russia and CIS.

    Upon just seven years of work, an exclusively broad range and perfect quality of products established the Company’s high standing and fortified its positions among the trade leaders in the segment.

  • From the very first day, the Company has used the most recent IT-solutions. That solidified the Company’s offices from different places into a cohesive mechanism. For instance, JSC Contest, the first among the Holding companies, established the so-called virtual office referring all incoming telephone calls to a centralized call-center. Remote access to data servers, distributed databases and the use of an ERP-system raised the efficiency of order processing, logistics management, distribution management, inventory management, shipment management and accounting to bring the satisfaction of the Company’s demand in business-process realization media to the maximum and ultimately meet the client’s needs.

    Recently, one of the most effective and competitive marketing tools have been the Company’s site, contextually targeted advertising linked with search optimization and numerous online services. SEO-copyrighting and an exceptionally comfortable user environment on the site were the problems to have been successfully solved by Contest experts. Such solutions rightfully maintain the Company’s high ratings.

    In autumn 2009, the Company is publishing a unique electronics review catalog. Not only will it contain a list of products, prices and pictures, but it will also enclose the detailed reference materials. The catalog will substantially strengthen and maintain the existing partnerships. It will also considerably widen the potential clientele, especially in Central Russia and the Central Black Soil Region.

  • Throughout the past years, the Company has rigorously improved its business conditions via introducing new prospective business trends for its clients. To give just a single example, in 2009 the supply of domestic and foreign special purpose products (electronic components) has become possible (followed by the client’s acceptance), which may prospectively attract businesses working with government and defense orders.

    Today, «Kontest» is actively searching for and developing new supply lines. Thus, the Company is highly interested in cooperating with domestic and foreign manufacturers from CIS countries, Europe, China and the US. The existing capacities of the Company and the entire Holding allow them to market products very quickly and efficiently, which is an important factor of developing successful partnerships in current economic conditions.



Branches and stocks:
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+7 (495) 925-88-73
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