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  • «Radio-Hit», LLC is the youngest among the Holding companies and the first retail business.

    The Company was incorporated in August, 2007, in Voronezh as an experiment retailer firm for individuals. However, within less than two years it managed to win leadership in radio electronics retailing.

    The knowledge and experience the Company gained even within such a short stretch of time allow it to build a more itemized business, whilst retailing innovations open additional possibilities for marketing new commodity groups and developing the entire Holding.

    One of the major reasons for the Company’s success has been a unique retail store format, an ideally balanced range of products including professional radio electronics and advanced personal care electronics that was made available to a vast number of customers. This has been concurred by up-to-the-minute marketing and sales techniques. The range of products is being broadened based on marketing research and deep understanding of retail customer needs. In the last year, the new fire alarm and security alarm lines have been successfully launched. The Company also started trading special communication equipment, CCTV and record systems. Also, the hamadio segment is being aggressively moved into. The Company is in search of new potential suppliers of high quality equipment from Europe, Asia and the US.

  • From the clientele standpoint, the Company’s principal resource is the maximum loyal buyers. Business methodologies emphasize the use of the state-of-the-art firmware, Internet positioning, face-time and online technical conferences, similar product selection and project consulting.

    With round-the-clock access to the Holding’s and partners’ inventory, the time constraints for order placement and order processing are minimal. The client’s request can thus be fulfilled in the shortest possible time.

    The Company keenly promotes a special club system. Each retail buyer becomes a member of the «Radio-Hit-Club». The customers are engaged in the store’s operations, they receive recent information and news, as well as detailed specifications of novel products via electronic mailing and SMS. Each Club member participates in an accrual discount program.

    The Company has stable standing among Voronezh and Voronezh Oblast retailers and insistently expands into the Black Soil Region. The first stage saw the opening of terminal representative offices in Lipetsk, Orel and Kursk. In the nearest future, the Company plans to establish a full-fledged retail chain in the said towns and further expand it within the Central and Southern Federal Districts.

    Being part of the Holding, the Company enthusiastically participates in shaping up new supply lines with respect to the development of the retail chain. Starting new trends, the Company thoroughly investigates the capacities of the respective manufacturers and suppliers and synchronizes its new partnership plans, thus contributing tremendously to overall Group’s business.



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